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HDCD mean High Definition Compatible Digital, Yet Still Compatible to Good Old CD Players
HDCD minimize distortions during analog-to-digital conversion by encoding in 20 instead of 16 bits
So a HDCD-encoded CD give you a even better sound quality & can be played on all CD players

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  • Tape Cassette to HDCD transfer order PICKUP & DELIVERY for the Orlando Florida Area

    Before we copy a old tape cassette to HDCD, we convert stabilize & digitize that Cassette to HDCD Time Base Correction for Tape VCR to DVD transfer plus all sort of enhancement or recovery
    How to Start a tape to HDCD transfer Order? Once you have gathered up all of your tapes
    we offer three convenient options
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    Old Cassette Tapes Fade after about 25 Years, after that a tape tracking can often go bad
    Don't let this happen to your irreplaceable tapes, that's why we transfer tape cassette to HDCD

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